agarwood knowledge

Thailand Agarwood Knowledge

Borai District Trat Province Thailand  It is The Best area That Agarwood Tree  can produce The Best Agarwood oil (aloeswood oil,oudh oil ,oud oil) in the world.

Thailand Great scent and long-lasting Agarwood  oil 

Company Agarwood Distillation  have Design to meet with The Great scent  And  long-lasting

Names of Agarwood   Agarwood, Gaharu ,Aloes wood,

                                 Bakhoor   ,Oudh     ,Chenxiang

                                 Jingkoh    ,Eaglewood,

                                 Adlerholz  , Dehnal Oudh            


 Agarwood oil Distillation processFlow Diagram-en.pdf



The great scent Agarwood oil From Thailand ,Try Me !

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