Thailand Great scent and long-lasting Agarwood oil

Thai Borai Agarwood Co.,Ltd our Factory  Locate in Borai District trat province

 Our company have more than 150  hectares organic agarwood plantation

 We have over 28 years experience in agarwood oil distillation

 We are the bigest Agarwood oil distillation  Manufacturers  in Thailand

We are the biggest manufacturer of agarwood oil ,aloeswood oil,oud oil, oudh oil, gaharu oil

Company Can Produce Supper High Quality 100%  Pure Natural Organic agarwood oil,aloeswood oil,gaharu oil,oud oil,oudh oil

Company Agarwood oil Advantages

We have our own agarwood Natural organic plantation

We have our own agarwood oil distillation plant

We know how to make the best agarwood oil

Company All Machines and All Process  Of The Agarwood oil Distillation  Are Research, Desigh Developing , Fabrication And installation By Our Company 's Expert Teams

SO We known How to  make  very superior quality product

We can do an OEM products under your brand name with your Own Brand Label and Packaging




Thailand Agarwood oil distillation plant  ,  We use temp-control Unit automaticly to control the heating temperature of Agarwood oil Distillation process to make the best condition for our distillation process




 Thai Borai Agarwood Co.,Ltd   Great scent and long-lasting  Agarwood oil  ,(gaharu oil , Agar Oudh, Dehnal oudh oil ,,eaglewood  oil,aloeswood oil,eaglewood oil,


The great Agarwood oil From Thai land ,Try Me !

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